Our primary goal is to advocate and support a proactive approach to health management by providing a local, professional, and safe environment to dispense medical cannabis. We stock organic, locally produced, high-grade medicine, clones and edibles. Most importantly, we stock CBD tinctures which may help restore cells destroyed by cancer, chemotherapy and radiation.

For years, the evidence and information, scientifically and medically documented, has been available to show that marijuana has a positive beneficial impact for most who suffer from multiple ailments. Getting the word out, and making this valuable and effective medicine available, is an important task.

We specialize in providing service to older, wiser folks like our founding inspirational patient, Rhonda.  Now aged 52, she has suffered decades of chronic pain and inflammation from Systemic Lupus and Shingles. She has been on a very long and strenuous journey to make this God given, naturally earth grown medicine legal. It has not been easy as there are many opponents who neither understand, nor care about the incredible healing and relief which this natural medicine provides.


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